As a Kent and London Family Photographer I get asked loads of questions! Here are answers to some of the more common ones:

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Where are you based?

I’m a Kent and London based Family Photographer. For my more lifestyle based work I do travel further afield so get in touch to discuss your ideas!

How long do your sessions last?

Families are unique and different aged children have different needs. Newborn shoots tend to be longer, more relaxed and slower paced sessions. Toddler shoots tend to be shorter, higher energy shoots to keep short attention spans engaged. Lifestyle shoots can last up to an entire day – and all variations in between! I have some packages which can be viewed here which tend to cater to most people’s needs, though i’m always happy to put a session together just for you, to give you exactly the kind of photography you want. Get in touch to discuss your ideas!

Which session would you most recommend?

Very broadly, there are three kinds of shoots:

Portable studio setup in your own home: These shoots are a great all-rounder and last around 90minutes (plus time for me to set up and take down my portable studio and lights). These are great for toddlers or young children which might be daunted by being in an unfamiliar place. These can still look like you are in a professional studio, but give you the flexability to have shots in your garden or have your pets involved in the shoot too.

Outdoor location shoots: These are fantastic if you have a larger group of people or feel self conscious in front of the camera and want really natural, un-posed photography. With no studio setup time, these can last from an hour upwards. We can go to a park, a wood, beach or playground – pretty much anywhere outdoors that you know you will all have a nice time together. I’ll tag along and discreetly capture you at your natural best.

Lifestyle Shoots: Weddings, really special anniversaries and Christmas – those are typically the only time we get extended family together. But for a really special occasion – or for really special photos, why not gather up the whole family and plan a really unique daytrip. Again, I’ll tag along and unobtrusively capture your most special of memories for posterity. Lifestyle shoots can last from half a day to a whole day, depending on your plans and the location/s involved

I want really outstanding photography to be affordable for everyone, so twice a year or so I also have a ‘mini-shoot’ day where I book 30 minute photography slots at a reduced rate. Feel free to ‘like’ our facebook page to be kept up to date of upcoming mini-shoot days.

What is your typical availability? Do you shoot only on weekends or can we have a weekday shoot too?

I am a full time professional photographer, so can fit in a photoshoot at any time in the week. During the summer months, my weekends tend to be consumed with weddings, but I do occasionally have the odd weekend day available. It’s best to get in touch as soon as you start planning a shoot to have the best pick of my available dates.

What should we wear?

People always ask me this, and I tend to advise sticking to classic clothes that won’t date: nice jeans and a plain coloured shirt can be really effective and very stylish for adults and children alike. However, for kids, the main thing is for them to feel comfortable and at ease, so bring on the fancy dress, the onesies, football kits – the more the merrier!

Do we have to bring anything to the shoot?

If the shoot is in your own home, nothing at all, except some smiles and laughter! If we are shooting outdoors, then some snacks and drinks are always a good idea, plus maybe a ball or a Frisbee to keep children interested.

I hate having my photo taken, but I’d really like some family photos done. Help!

You’d be surprised at how many times I get told ‘I’m really un-photogenic’ or ‘I hate having my picture taken’. This is my job and I promise to help you feel at ease in front of the camera, as well as get some beautiful photos!

My child has special needs. Are you OK with this?

Absolutely. I have some experience of children with special needs and would be honoured to photograph them with you. Information is king so please do not feel shy in sharing as much detail as you feel relevant – I will come armed with patience and sensitivity to get the best photographs possible.

How long til we can see our images?

I don’t promise timelines – I process each and every image that you receive so that work takes time. Delivery of images is also dependent on the time of year and how much other work is in my processing queue. If you need your images by a certain date (for a special gift for example), please just let me know and I will make sure that you have your images within the timeframe you specify.

How can I view my image?

Your images are made available to you via a password protected, secure online gallery. You can share the password with whomever you wish and images, canvases and other wall art products can be ordered directly via the online gallery. Alternatively, you can book a package which includes your digital files. These are made available to you via dropbox and you can download them directly to your computer. You will receive two versions of each file – a high resolution file suitable for printing, and a version sized for social media use, ideal for emailing or uploading to facebook without taking half a day to upload! 🙂

What is ‘copyright’? What does ‘personal copyright’ mean?

As the photographer having taken the images, the copyright to the images is mine. Along with the purchase of the digitals, I grant you personal copyright, which means you and your family and friends can use, print and display the images as much as you like, including on social media. What you cannot do without our express permission is sell the images, or use the images as advertising or enter them into competitions.

What is a viewing session? Some photographers offer them. Do you?

Viewing sessions typically consist of an appointment after your photoshoot, where you view the images. Sometimes, this is the first opportunity you will have had to see the studio’s prices….. I don’t believe this kind of business model is particularly fair and want to be completely transparent with my pricing, which is why I work my packages to be either ‘shoot only’, or inclusive of your digital images. I’m more than happy for you to upgrade your package after you’ve seen your images – either way, you always know exactly what you’re paying for and I don’t ever want you to feel ‘held over a barrel’ for your images.

Our shoot is outside – and it’s raining! What do we do??

Rain doesn’t bother me in the least! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve that can actually make rain look quite beautiful! Why not add a rain coat and some colourful wellies and make the most of it? If you prefer to rearrange our shoot, this can be done, subject to availability.

This all sounds great! How do I book?

Send us an email, or contact us via our contact page. Let us know what type of shoot you’re planning and as many other details as you’d like to share. I ask you to pay a booking fee of £50 to secure the booking in my diary, with the balance payable before the shoot. You can contact us by clicking here



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