I love photographing children. I’m a dad to two boys (now 14 and 12) and a twinkly, gorgeous, and increasingly preenage girl of 9 and know that children sometimes have their own ideas on how they want a particular day to go! For this reason I offer a variety of options for your family photoshoot, which can include a studio based session, a shoot in the comfort of your own home and garden (with portable studio setup if you still want it to look as though you’re in a studio), or another location entirely. I bring a variety of props with me which help get the giggles going (who doesn’t love bubbles??) and actively encourage children to do what they do best – just play!

My portable studio takes approximately 20-30 minutes to set up, and the shoot itself takes approximately 90 minutes (usually in short bursts, to allow for short attention spans and to try lots of different ideas). You know your own children best and I will take my cue from you.

Family shoots are as unique as you are. I actively welcome your input so please don’t be shy about sharing your ideas!

A picture of me, showing my true silly nature:

London Family Friendly Photographer

My little family:


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