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West Sussex Family Photographer – Hotham Park Family Shoot in Bognor Regis


As well as being one of the busiest summers EVER for me in terms of work, my family also relocated to the West Sussex Coast and I am privileged to have have joined the ranks of many fellow fantastic West Sussex Family Photographers in the locality. Among them, by hugely happy coincidence is my very next door neighbour, who happens to be the rather fantastic Fiona Mills of Fiona Mills Art! We took advantage of the most beautiful bright autumnal day on 31st October to do a reciprocal family photoshoot as we so rarely get to be in our own photos! Fiona, Tom, their two beautiful girls and Buckley, the dog and I wandered along to Hotham Park in Bognor Regis. The light was incredible and the array of rich fiery colours was just a feast for the eyes.

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The whole world has become so busy – we struggle to fit everything in around our jobs and various other commitments. One of the lovely things about Family Photoshoots is that it gives you a window of opportunity. A moment to really take notice of your wonderful family, to interact with each other, to capture the children in their natural element. It’s an opportunity to bottle a tiny drop of that wonderful-ness and preserve it for ever.

I’m so glad that, now I’m a fully fledged West Sussex Family Photographer, that Fiona and I could do that for each other – the photos that Fiona has taken for me and my family will be treasured for ever, and I hope that Fiona and Tom enjoy looking back over this photoshoot as much.

Below is a selection of my favourite images – do get in touch to book your own West Sussex Family Photoshoot!

west-sussex-family-photographer_0339 best west sussex family photographer west-sussex-family-photography_0341 best west-sussex-family-photography_0341 top west-sussex-family-photographer_0343 Bognor Regis family lifestyle photographer 0345 Best Bognor Regis-family-photography_0345 Best Chichester-family-photography_0345 Best Chichester-family-photographer_0345 Best Felpham-family-photographer_0345 Best Felpham-family-photography_0345 Brilliant Chichester-family-photography_0345 Brilliant Chichester-family-photographer_0345 Fantastic Chichester-family-photographer_0345 Brilliant Family Photographer in Chichester Gorgeous Family Photoshoot in Hotham Park Best Family Photographer in West Sussex

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By John Erskine

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